Song Of The Day 6/12/2013: Wings - "Again And Again And Again"

Was there any more thankless task in rock music history than being a singer/songwriter in a band with Paul McCartney that wasn't The Beatles? Denny Laine was in the Moody Blues, having written and sung that band's only good song, "Go Now."* After he joined Wings, McCartney couldn't even shoehorn a Denny Laine lead vocal until their third album. He got a couple of songs on their most democratic album, Wings At the Speed of Sound, and their most innocuous album, London Town. Laine's best Wings tune came on the final (and underrated) Wings album Back to the Egg, the agreeably pub-rocky "Again And Again And Again" (rejected title: "Again And Again And Again [And Again]").

Granted, when your immediate supervisor is the most successful songwriter in music history, there's really no need for you to be in the executive washroom all that much.

* Come and get me, armchair proggers. "Go Now" was their only good song. Yes had more good songs than the Moody Blues. Emerson Lake & Palmer had more good songs (if not much more). Don't tell me about "Nights In White Satin." It had all the eroticism of an Alberto VO5 commercial. So come and lash me with your serviettes. I'll survive.
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