Song Of The Day 6/13/2013: Deafheaven - "Sunbather"

I realize that all the hipsters, scenesters, indie blogs, indie music magazines, college radio stations, halal butchers, German auto specialists, and enlightened postal workers have been frothing a lot lately over the new album from San Francisco's Deafheaven, but all those tastemakers have a really good point. I would probably get castigated by metalheads when I call it "black metal," which I feel it definitely is. I would also be gently nudged and brushed up against by the shoegazer contingent, because really that's all they're capable of doing, but it's got a lot of elements of that too. Sunbather is the first album I've heard in awhile that doesn't sound like anything else I've heard, and it's one of my favorite albums of this year so far. If I had a Good Housekeeping stamp it'd be all over this. Correction - I'd never have a Good Housekeeping stamp. I might have some Blue Chips lying around.


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