Song Of The Day 6/30/2013: Fear Of Pop featuring William Shatner - "In Love"

Last night I went to a concert in nearby Auburn, which I am going to review for MSN Music. It was a triple bill with Barenaked Ladies, Ben Folds Five and Guster. I don't know how it was, because I'm writing this blog post about seven hours before the show. Perhaps Barenaked Ladies were unexpectedly charming. Perhaps they won me over. Perhaps I wished I had brought a package of Kraft Dinner to hurl at the stage when they sang "If I Had $1,000,000." Maybe the Barenaked Ladies don't really miss founding member Steven Page who left in 2009. I mean, I sure don't. Maybe this show defied all my admittedly tempered expectations. Maybe I'll wake up this morning reborn in the bathing light of Barenaked Ladyhood, my soul will be summoned by a faint call on the distant end of that beam, and will dissolve into material nothingness as it ascends ever norther, ever norther, until my conscience is washed by the basin of irrefutable virtue and comes to rest in the pantheon of perfect Barenakedbeing, refreshed, enlightened, placid.

But as of this writing, I prefer Ben Folds. Here's a side project he did with William Shatner in the late '90s.

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