Song Of The Day 6/6/2013: Frank Turner - "Good & Gone"

Frank Turner was the lead singer of the British post-hardcore b --

Wait a minute, before I continue with this, something that's been bothering me for years: Is there ever a point in calling someone "post-hardcore"? Wouldn't they just be an offshoot of the hardcore movement, therefore still technically hardcore?

Since when did I have to carry a wristwatch to get my rock and roll taxonomies right? Hey, you bands out there: Did you ever, or do you ever, answer strangers' questions about what kind of music you played, "Yeah, we're post-punk"? I don't get it. It's still rock and roll to --

Oh, crap -- this means Billy Joel was right.

I --  I think I'm gonna have to sit down a minute on that realization.


Let me start over.

Frank Turner was the lead singer of the British BAND Million Dead. They made some great records at the beginning of the millennium, and broke up in 2005. Turner turned to an altogether different, folk-based type of music. I first heard him at the behest of a friend of mine at Epitaph Records, who sent me his 2008 album Love, Ire & Song, one of the ballsiest folk albums I'd come across. There are way too many great songs on it, including the best elegy of the 2000's, "Long Live the Queen."

Then came the years I was too distracted or depressed to listen to a lot of music, during which Turner released at least one album, maybe two. A couple of months ago he released a new album called Tape Deck Heart, which I listened to with utter amazement. (This was during Metal Week.) "Good & Gone," as it stands, is my favorite track so far.

Yes, he takes a slight jab at Mötley Crüe, but he makes a pretty good point. They shouldn't be too ticked off about it. Besides, aren't we all post-metal now?

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