Song Of The Day 7/15/2013: Built To Spill - "Twin Falls"

Sorry, today's SOTD is kind of a rush job. I'm fifteen minutes before deadline on it with three other deadlines looming. I'm working on a review of an album that is heavily steeped in tribute to '90s indie rock at the moment. I haven't experienced a lot of nostalgia for that time because, well, (1) a lot of it sucked for me personally, and (2) I think '90s indie rock mistrusted nostalgia to begin with. Which is fair. I've had to fight against nostalgia for the last ten years. Not because I think it's bad. Certainly works for some people. Hell, it may be the last thing standing between themselves and dementia. But for me, my feelings about music are akin to Woody Allen's "relationship is like a shark" theory from Annie Hall. The shark has to constantly keep moving forward or it dies. Or as I've learned just recently, it emerges from the sky in a giant shark tornado and causes a shark apocalypse. It's amazing what one can learn from Twitter.

Anyway, one of the songs on this album I'm reviewing reminds me of Built To Spill's "Twin Falls," an extremely touching song that's, you guessed it, nostalgic. Oh, '90s-style irony, you're one moist little rose petal, you know that?

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