Song Of The Day 7/23/2013: Jerry Landis - "The Lone Teen Ranger"

Jerry Landis is Paul Simon, back before he got in touch with his Greenwich Village side. He actually recorded under several pseudonyms before folking himself into our lives. "The Lone Teen Ranger," which doesn't make any narrative sense (but neither did "Duke of Earl"), got up to #99 on the American charts. It was released in 1962, five years after The Lone Ranger went off TV, so it wasn't exactly the timeliest of releases. It's cute to hear Simon do the doo-wop versicles at the beginning and throughout the track.

Just two years after this, Simon would reunite with his childhood friend Art Garfunkel and run into his other old friend, darkness. They all bought turtlenecks and looked around fruitlessly for Emily.

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