Songs Of The Day 7/26/2013: Milky Wimpshake - "Without You" + "Chemical Spray"

Milky Wimpshake are from where Venom comes from, Newcastle UK. I heard their song "Chemical Spray" on WFMU's website yesterday and fell instantly in like with them and their overly twee name. In searching for their music on YouTube, I came upon their enthusiastically low-budget promo video for "Without You," which despite all appearances was not filmed in the dressing room at the Capitol Theater in Olympia. Milky Wimpshake is the kind of band I'm just going to glom onto fairly quickly. My velcro is strong for them. I believe it is necessary for you to hear both of these songs, and see what you can do about hearing their new album Heart And Soul In the Milky Way. It's in your best interests.

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