Song Of The Day 7/29/2013: Father John Misty - "Do You Realize??"

Capitol Hill Block Party's in the books, and I got lots of words due on it today at some point, so we'll make this quick. The Flaming Lips were everything everybody had ever told me about them -- believe it or not, last night was the first time I'd ever seen them live. Lots of implied levitation, Wayne Coyne as a gently self-mocking Messiah figure, moments of pure warmth. I'll cover it in more detail, and complete sentences, on MSN. The least unpredictable moment of the festival was their closing out the main stage festivities with "Do You Realize??", a sparsely worded moment of unalloyed innocence and wonder that's grown more beautiful as it's matured. Standing in the middle of a crowd on Pike Street, watching The Flaming Lips do this simple invocation, looking around at the rest of the audience, looking at the buildings, the bars and the restaurants, simultaneously realizing why I love Seattle and wondering if this is my last summer here, choking up just the least bit... well, I'll leave that sentence incomplete too. It was already a run-on anyway.

However, you've probably heard The Flaming Lips' version of "Do You Realize??" So here's Father John Misty's cover. (If you haven't heard the original, it's on the bottom of this page.)
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