Song Of The Day 7/5/2013: Timebox - "Beggin'"

I've been keeping track of the stats on this blog a little more carefully this year. Metrics and all that. I stack-rank myself. If I don't meet a certain threshold every quarter then I put myself in the lowest 10%. Which doesn't necessarily mean I fire myself, but I make it practically impossible to advance any further. When I do reach certain metric floors then I give myself a better stack-ranking and move myself to an office with windows. And what happens just as I get all settled in? A reorg. Then I have to move myself to another department and figure out which new person I'm going to have to brown-nose for the next year. It kills morale. It's ruthless here. This is the most cutthroat one-person blog in the country.

Anyway, THE METRICS show that I've been having some success uncovering lost legends from British rock. Two of the most popular SOTD's this year have been from Kevin Coyne and P.J. Proby (who was American, but only found success in Britain). So I thought I'd present Lancashire blue-eyed soul band Timebox's Top 40 hit "Beggin'," a Four Seasons cover that hit the charts in 1968. It's quite pleasant. Please have a listen and tell my supervisor I'm a valuable contributor to myself.

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