Song Of The Day 8/10/2013: Max Berlin - "500 W"

Good Lord, good gracious, good grief: This is the 500th Song Of The Day. I've been doing this thing for 500 straight days. This series has lasted longer than the Iran Hostage Crisis. If I had a home run for every consecutive day I've done this, I'd be accused of using PED's. If I had a nickel for every Song Of The Day I've done, I'd have twenty-five bucks. If blogging were around when I went to college, I could use these Songs Of The Day for an entire year of credit at Evergreen. If these Songs Of The Day were my children, they'd outnumber Screamin' Jay Hawkins' progeny by... at least ten, I think. Somewhere around ten.

Well, let's just keep this sweet thing going, shall we? The 1000th Song Of The Day is scheduled for December 23, 2014. My head and my Mac will both explode when that happens. But let's live in the now.

And I want brownie points for not using that Proclaimers song.

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