Song Of The Day 8/14/2013: Ria Bartok - "Et Quelque Chose Me Dit"

Quarterly Covers Report: And speaking of French girls, here's a remake of the Goffin/King song "I'm Into Something Good," made most popular in the rest of the world by Herman's Hermits. Ria Bartok (1943-1970) was actually German-born, but raised in Paris. I'm sure she had a lovely temperament, and could rock the bed-head like l'affaire de personne, but will you look at those eyes? They've got that mild hint of derangement that I just can't look away from. They're telegraphing a beckoning to me. If I follow that call and float into those eyes I fear I'm going to wind up in a Rube Goldberg-esque diorama with scary cause-and-effect models and Escher-type staircases that lead nowhere. Once she traps me in there she's going to subject me to a whole bunch of twisted laboratory tests, like they're doing to the vamps on True Blood this season. The will of resistance will fail me, and my exhaustion will only serve to amuse my master.

I need to look into cutting back on caffeine after 3pm.


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