Song Of The Day 8/25/2013: Firewater - "Get Out Of My Head"

Mental Health Week: Don't ask me where the idea for this week came from. It was probably the result of feeling like I was going crazy myself. Then the light bulb popped on: "Hey! Let's do a week of songs about people going crazy!" And not "goin' crazy" in the David Lee Roth solo sense of the word. Not "goin' crazy" as in "SPRING BREAK! WOOOO!" I mean real people -- or, rather, protagonists in songs -- going through real -- or, rather, fictional, but certainly possible -- situations of mental distress, anguish, delusion or anxiety. I wasn't looking for outright psychos either, because we usually cover them during Halloween Week. I'm talking about people in the house down the street from me who are at this very moment having an animated shouting match over someone I can only identify as an alleged "skank." The unsexy type of insanity. (Ah, just heard the screeching of tires. Tune in tomorrow for another episode. Brought to you by Lysol.)

ANYWAY, I can think of no better artist to open this week with than ole reliable Firewater, whose first three albums combined contain maybe eight or nine songs that would fit this week's theme. "Get Out Of My Head," which should have been a huge alternative hit, is from their album Psychopharmacology and seemed to summarize the mission statement succinctly. We crazy people like these themes sewn up in nice little bows, so I'd like to thank the nice young man Tod A. for doing so. Gosh I hope he's eating enough.

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