Song Of The Day 8/28/2013: The Police - "Mother"

Mental Health Week: You can tell this piece of Oedipal bliss is insane right from the get-go: The time signature is 7/4, the same as Pink Floyd's "Money."* It comes right in the middle of The Police's biggest album Synchronicity, a platter otherwise dominated by Sting's Jungian directive and stalker-esque romantic melodrama. It's one of the few times guitarist Andy Summers sang on record. Of course John Lennon and aforementioned Floyd had similarly named tunes that might have probed more deeply and ponderously, but something about Summers' psychotic carnival barking about his mommy issues still appeals to me today. Not that it, you know, resounds with me or anything like that, but I do enjoy a good round of barking, especially when I hear sirens outside or see a postman coming.
*Except for the instrumental solos, in which Pink Floyd goes into 4/4. Before the music nerd police call me out. 
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