Song Of The Day 9/1/2013: Eddie Curtis - "Those Foxes And Pussycats"

I'm late with today's SOTD because Daddy (that's me) is busy providing for about two-thirds of his family being a music festival critic, and was writing well past midnight about Canadian synth bands with a somewhat nervous energy, rappers who spend ten cumulative minutes of their sets asking the audience to get louder, veteran British rock acts who've traded in their pristine and paranoid personas for rough-hewn industrial punk ones, and the sad fact that singers in their 60's bring it exactly as well as they did in 1975 whereas I can barely scrape my way out of a Bob Seger tune. So here's this song I chose for today's SOTD a long time ago, and can't remember what I was going to say about it. It's about foxes and pussycats, but it's not about foxes and pussycats. You'll just have to go with no real intro today. Why don't you write your own? You know how I get off on decentralization of power, even in my own flippin' eponymous blog. Seize the moment, my little juiceboxes.

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