Songs Of The Day 9/14/2013: Paul Super Apple - "Apple Love" + "Love Lives On"

Saw this classic creepfest getting new life on one of my favorite mp3 blogs, Music For Maniacs, so I thought we'd blast it up here as well. This 13:40 combination too-long cover letter and demo tape was executed by Paul Moralian, or as his merch table calls him, "Paul Super Apple." Paul had a dream to collaborate with his musical hero, the Rolling Stones' Keith Richards. In fact he claimed to be a fan of Richards' "ever since before you began the group." Which would have to be before 1962. Which doesn't seem likely. On the tape Super Apple discusses how he'd spent two and a half years in California trying to get his songs heard -- but, alas, "no one listened." Then he relocated to New York and got the same result, even when he got himself into the Rolling Stones' office, which he must have really done because he remembers the couch so fondly.

Then he plays two songs of his own composition, "Apple Love" and "Love Lives On." There probably won't be a big mystery as to why these songs cultivated little or no interest in the recording industry, but I like 'em! Sure, he has more chorus effect on his guitar than a mid-'80s Pablo Cruise cover band. Yes, the echo in the vocals sounds like the audio effect '50s and '60s B-moviemakers used to employ to depict insane people. But hey, I'm charmed. And even though the heavyweight summit between Super Apple and Keith never took place,  Moralian became a legend anyway.

So enjoy the measured plaudits and corpuscle-brushing tunesmithery of Paul Super Apple, the pride of Brockton, Massachusetts, "the home of Rocky Marciano. The boxer."

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