Songs Of The Day 9/5/2013: 10 NFL Team Songs

The NFL's back in season tonight, so I'll be unavailable until February 2. Just leave any packages outside the door. This has been the most anticipatory off-season in Seattle since... well, unless you old-timers can recall Seattle being more excited about the Seahawks before, this is probably the most geeked we've ever been. Tattoos are up. Parents are naming their children "Marshawn." Everyone's coming up with nicknames and catchphrases like "Legion of Boom," "Dangeruss Wilson," "Blue Fear," "Let Me Intercept That Ball For You," "The Most Psychologically Intimidating Placekicker in the League," things like that.

Today I've collected a bunch of songs about NFL teams throughout history, in some cases sung by team members themselves, a la the Chicago Bears' "Super Bowl Shuffle." The original post I was gonna make here was a lamentation that the Seahawks didn't have their own team song. However, in my research I determined that wasn't true (scroll to the bottom of this post if you can't wait for it) (but I would wait as long as possible for it). So I've added it to this list. Not all of these are terrible, but I'll have you know I rejected one for the New Orleans Saints because it was too good.

Hoo boy.

1986 Los Angeles Rams: "Let's Ram It" 
(Final record: 10-6, 2nd NFC West, lost wild-card playoff)
This would be your gold standard, for many reasons. Rembert Browne did a good play-by-play on Grantland. The Rams are now in St. Louis, and I believe this had something to do with it.

1984 San Francisco 49ers: "We're The 49ers"
(15-1, 1st NFC West, won Super Bowl)
The 49ers deserve some credit for actually singing on this one all the way through. This was before Auto-Tune!

2011 Jacksonville Jaguars: JagSwag - "Black And Teal"
(5-11, 3rd AFC South)
I don't have any comment about this, Jacksonville, the Jaguars, or their new helmets.

2005 Cincinnati Bengals: "Fear Da Tigers"
(11-5, 2nd AFC North, lost wild-card playoff)
Musically speaking this is probably the best quality song in today's bunch, but after all, it was written by Bootsy Collins. It beats what Prince did for the Minnesota Vikings... or maybe that's to the Minnesota Vikings.

1994 San Diego Chargers: "San Diego Super Chargers"
(11-5, 1st AFC West, lost Super Bowl)
This was an update of the original disco version, which at least partially accounts for Chris Berman's career.

1986 Los Angeles Raiders: "Silver & Black Attack"
(8-8, 4th AFC West)
This seems like the resolution of a long, drawn-out bet between God and Satan which started off with the Devil saying, "I'll bet you I can get Todd Christensen on Soul Train."

2011 Baltimore Ravens: "RaveNation"
(12-4, 1st AFC North, lost AFC Championship)
Boo for not wedging in an Edgar Allen Poe reference.

1977 Dallas Cowboys: Charley Pride - "Dallas Cowboys Pride"
(12-2, 1st NFC East, won Super Bowl)
For God's sakes Charley -- you're a country artist, singing about a team called the Cowboys, and you make it a disco song?

1969 Kansas City Chiefs: The Fab Four - "Kansas City Super Bowl Champs" 
(11-3, 2nd AFL West, won Super Bowl)
The songwriter allegedly threw this tune together (with a massive dose of plagiarism from Wilbert Harrison's "Kansas City") as the Chiefs were playing and winning Super Bowl IV.
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