Mixtape Of The Day 10/13/2013: North Pacific

How about we do some mixtapes from time to time? Why don't we start now? Unless expressly stated otherwise there's no real theme or intent behind these.

Harmony Dance Orchestra - "Jeannine I Dream Of Lilac Time"
The Chocolate Watchband - "The Inner Mystique"
10cc - "Lazy Days"
Sofia Härdig - "Seafever"
Max Steiner - "Lovers Must Learn"
Beata Beatrix - "Love Must Die"
(Edited Clip from instructional film The Trouble With Women
Andrew Gold - "Never Let Her Slip Away"
Benny Profane - "Skateboard to Oblivion"
Mink DeVille - "Venus Of Avenue D"
Captain Sensible - "Flip Top World"
The High Llamas - "Nomads"
Alan Hull - "One More Bottle of Wine"
Badfinger - "Take It All"
Muriel Smith - "Happy Talk" (from the motion picture South Pacific)

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