Song Of The Day 10/12/2013: Mr. Danny Pearson - "What's Your Sign Girl"

"What's Your Sign Girl," one of the signature staples during my tenures as a DJ for KAOS, first came to my rapt attention through Alex Chilton. He played it live the only time I ever saw him, opening for Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco in 1992. It also appeared on his subsequent 1995 album A Man Called Destruction. I don't know why it took me so long to seek out the original version, but when I did I was hap-hap-happy to discover it was co-written and originally performed by a gentleman who shares my surname. Mr. Danny was a protégé of Barry White (that's the second day in a row I've shoehorned Barry White into a blog post), and thanks to that Love Unlimited "What's Your Sign Girl" squeaked into the Top 20 on Billboard's R&B chart in 1979. This is my thirteenth favorite astrology song, and you should know by now who's responsible for my twelve favorites.

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