Song Of The Day 10/17/2013: Eartha Kitt - "I Love Men"

Well, I must say this little nugget from 1984 certainly makes me feel better about my general position relative to the animal kingdom. This is the great Eartha Kitt, acclimating herself to the burgeoning post-disco dance scene with a song titled "I Love Men." This hit the top of the charts in Germany. Hey, it even found its way into the Top 10 on Billboard's Dance Music chart. The video finds the erstwhile Catwoman traipsing around what I think is New York, confessing her fanhood of the masculine gender, visiting many male archetypes and interrupting them as they do their jobs. She even drops in to the local high-volume butcher shop to remind the meat cutters that they, too, inform the better nature of our socioeconomic complex, even as the more prurient of their kind drives her slightly mad with their infuriating fear of commitment.

Would it surprise you to learn that the producer of this effort was Jacques Morali, the founder and driving creative force of the Village People? No, I don't suppose it would.

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