Song Of The Day 10/28/2013: Jarvis Cocker - "I Will Kill Again"

Halloween Week: A-ha! The monster's within, all you greasepainted freaks! This song doesn't exactly terrify me as much as it amuses me, but I appreciate the Brechtian effort Jarvis has put into undercutting every single commercial trapping of horror that we're likely to come across over the next four days. If "I Never Said I Was Deep" was the perfect pop-length summation of Steve McQueen's movie Shame, then this is a fairly close parallel to American Psycho, or that movie that came out featuring Elijah Wood as a serial killer whose name escapes me because I didn't really have all that much drive to see it. I think it was called Maniac, or Time Bomb, or Don't Leave Frodo Alone With the Chainsaw or something like that. Anyway, this single entry is why I've waited all year for Halloween Week. It's all downhill from here. No, wait, tomorrow's entry's pretty good too.

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