Song Of The Day 10/3/2013: American Music Club - "Johnny Mathis' Feet"

I suppose it was unavoidable in this feel-bad week of the year that I'd have to play the Mark Eitzel card. I'm actually a little surprised it took this long; over the whole year-and-a-half-plus of Song Of The Day I've never programmed anything by American Music Club or Eitzel. I'm not quite sure how this song fits in with this week's ad-hoc overall theme other than it's by American Music Club, who are not known for their glowingly upbeat disquisitions on the essential goodness of man, nor their ringing declarations of moral victory and euphoria. Maybe it's that, like the Eitzel character in this song, music has been my calling card for as long as I can remember, it's slowly removing itself from my professional profile, and Johnny's telling me that I went astray because I never really got into Fugazi. Yeah, chances are.

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