Something is screwed up with this blog's usual template

Sorry to be using this unsexy Blogger template, but something went crazy with the one I normally use. The words weren't wrapping properly after each line. So until that's fixed, or I've figured out some other workaround, you get this template, which I had to walk five miles in the snow to get back in my day. Thanks.

UPDATE: This is a known issue currently affecting all Google blogs employing the "dynamic" template. Google's engineers are working feverishly on the problem and things should be back to normal when they're back to normal. But then, what is normal, really?

In the meantime, isn't it nice to see this blog's old header logo up there? It's like throwback day or something.

UPDATE: Issue fixed, obviously, thanks to the quick thinking of certain enterprising Google users. Not Google engineers. As you were.

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