Song Of The Day 11/10/2013: Dolph Lundgren - "A Little Less Conversation"

Quarterly Covers Report: I have to go back through the microfilm archives to double-check, but my gut journalistic instincts say this is probably the first cover version to include a full-scale karate demonstration. Dolph Lundgren, the Swedish bodysculptor-cum-actor, who as Ivan Drago was the only person in the entire Rocky movie franchise less articulate than Sylvester Stallone, gamely recorded, then lip-synched this cover of an Elvis Presley '60s hit a couple years ago. The occasion was a televised event to determine Sweden's entrant in the Eurovision Song Contest. I guess if the producers couldn't persuade Benny and Bjorn from ABBA to reunite and were still in the throes of debate about The Cardigans' net value to Swedish society, then Dolph must have seemed like a perfectly reasonable choice. The muscular, transformative power of Elvis: You'll not sell it short again. Or he vill break you. Welcome to Covers Week.

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