Song Of The Day 11/13/2013: Bryan Ferry - "It's My Party"

Quarterly Covers Report: Bryan Ferry means many things to many people. They're all wearing tastefully cut suit jackets designed by Antony Price and they all have piercing eyes that burn a dainty hole in your soul, but technically, they're many, many different things. His cover of Lesley Gore's "It's My Party" came from his debut solo album These Foolish Things, which was released in 1973. Roxy Music had only two albums out when These Foolish Things appeared. Ferry wasn't messing around with the whole establishment of the solo identity thing. Brian Eno wasn't even cold yet (I think that happened in '76) and already Bryan was schlepping out solo albums. Anyway. It's all water under the bridge, I'm sure. Bryan's version of "It's My Party" is wonderful because it was 1973 and he didn't change the gender of the original. It was still "Nobody knows where my Johnny has gone." And listen towards the latter part of the middle when Bryan lets out a solitary, hiccuping sob. Honey, in that tuxedo, you could have a full-on nervous breakdown and I'd still walk you home. Piss off, Johnny. Your services are no longer needed.

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