Song Of The Day 11/23/2013: Mudhoney - "I Like It Small"

Favorite Songs Of 2013: Just to prove I'm not stuck in the past, entrenched in the withering collagen of bone-creaking nostalgia, dismissing the cause of the new with vertical nostrils, or chortling about the increasing meaninglessness of younger generations a la so many boomers who believed social progress ended when Country Joe & the Fish finally taught them how to spell a dirty word, for the next ten days I'm going to feature some of my favorite songs that came out in 2013. That's right, gramps. Time to move out of the rec room. Step away from the checkerboard, it's time to split a bromide float with the young'uns! And what better way to slip onto the lighted dance floor of the young generation than with..., Mudhoney.

But it's a great song, featuring one of the nominees for best couplet of the year: "And when I orgy I cap it at twelve/Any more and I get overwhelmed." I know what you mean, Brother Arm. I know exactly what you mean.

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