Song Of The Day 11/27/2013: The Julie Ruin - "Girls Like Us"

Favorite Songs Of 2013: I was very happy to see Kathleen Hanna back in action this year. I wasn't hanging out in Olympia during her time in Bikini Kill. My wife was. I think they might have crossed paths once or twice. We haven't discussed it. I greatly enjoyed what I heard from the Julie Ruin album Run Fast, although I confess I only heard the EP leading up to it because of availability issues. Mine, not theirs. It's a long story. The Julie Ruin show at Neumos was one of the last two I reviewed for MSN, and although nobody apparently minded the review, I felt I rushed through it. It's difficult to be a lame duck in the cutthroat world of live show reviews. "Girls Like Us" is an appealing piece of agitprop, and probably closer to the truth than that toy company that, in an impetuous act that clearly was not thought through in the least, is suing Kathleen's husband.

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