Song Of The Day 11/28/2013: John Grant - "Glacier"

Favorite Songs Of 2013: My friend in L.A. drew me into a discussion about John Grant just two nights ago ("Paul... this seems like someone you'd have an opinion on..."). I pshaw'ed: Well, of co-arse I've heard of John Grant! Do I look like a common ruffian? An unschooled rube? My stars! Then I waved my hand and asked the butler for more macaroons.

Actually, I said that "Glacier" was one of my five favorite songs of 2013, but I didn't go into detail as to why. Since I planned this week's songs a good week in advance I probably had a green light to talk more fully about it by the time my friend asked for my opinion about Grant. But "Glacier" is one of those songs where I feel it's probably better for me to shut up and let people listen, as I was rendered mute the first time I heard it.

That's probably not enough, is it? I suppose from one vantage point "Glacier" could be considered somewhat crudely constructed. It's a slow-developing song told in empathetic sadness, then unexpected, articulate rage, cushioned between one of the most heartbreaking, beautifully-written choruses I can recall: "This pain, it is a glacier moving through you..." and seriously, I'm not going to spoil the rest of the chorus for you. It's one of those sustained images that I feel fortunate enough to have stuck around long enough to hear without warning. You should too.

There, I've depleted my ration of sanctimony for the week. And hey, Happy Thanksgiving!

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