Song Of The Day 11/29/2013: Disclosure - "When A Fire Starts To Burn"

Favorite Songs Of 2013: There's a little bit more electronic stuff on my year-end album list that normal, although Disclosure's Settle wasn't on it. I went for the more arch kind of electronic music, the kind that satisfies my tastemaker pretensions without making me work too hard at figuring it out. You know, like Oneohtrix Point Never and James Blake. I gave short shrift to Disclosure although a bunch of people I know (online) and (feel it's in my best interests for me to) respect were very fond of them. I did like this track. If I had audio software with a decent quantize function, I'd like to think this is something I could throw together. I am probably kidding myself, though, and will just resume my junior-league cutting and pasting of 1950's sex educational films when I have a hot minute.

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