Song Of The Day 11/3/2013: Kimberley Rew - "Stomping All Over the World"

Kimberley Rew was the guitarist for The Soft Boys, but not only that: He was the happiest guitar player ever. I've mentioned this before but it bears repeating. When I saw him play during the Soft Boys reunion tour about a decade ago, he was extraordinarily happy. Like, off-his-meds happy. It rejuvenated my faith in guitar players. I had little patience for dour, introverted guitar players after that. Forget those axemen with contemptuous sneers and dismissive scowls. From that point forward every guitar player I saw had to have the galloping, frantic happiness of young cubs rushing across the meadow, trying to playfully beat each other to their next suckling appointment. Maybe it's not a coincidence that around the time of my raised expectations of guitarists, everybody started playing synthesizers. Gah.

Rew also wrote "Walking On Sunshine" by Katrina & The Waves, for whom he also played guitar. And he did this solo thing in 1980 called "Stomping All Over the World." Here it is. Good Lord, he was happy.

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