Song Of The Day 12/14/2013: Pugwash & Friends - "Tinsel and Marzipan"

Holiday Barrage 2013: Well, let's wrap this whole thing up. Time to settle down for the holidays. Digging through my past issues of Martha Stewart's Food to find dishes containing nutmeg and pomes. I'm de-icing the windshield. I'm running through malls with a harried and desperate look on my face. I'm cleaning out all the beef jerky wrappers from the car. I'm throwing stale popcorn across the floormats. I'm rushing around the neighborhood screaming something about getting my brakes fixed in Latin. I'm tearing through pending job applications like they were confetti. I'm fashioning a yule log out of putty and old Residents records. I'm hoisting the children in the air and letting them find their own way back down. I'm strapping tinsel across the coat closet. I'm paying debts off with eggnog and hope. Ho ho ho freaking ho it's Christmas. Wicked, man.

Here starts twelve whole days of Christmas and holiday-themed material that won't make your intestines collapse. I'm not saying they'll all be in good taste, I'm just saying you'll still be gastronomically sound after hearing them. Let's start off with Pugwash, and then we'll move onward to the really hard stuff.

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