Song Of The Day 12/16/2013: Clarence Carter - "Back Door Santa"

Holiday Barrage 2013: This song's about a Santa Claus variant, and he sounds like a very helpful person. He doesn't just come to give out presents on Christmas, like the so-called "authentic" Santa. Back Door Santa comes any time of the year, upon request!

Curiously, he only has presents for older girls, because he only comes around when the boys aren't in the house. He also donates money to small children who might also be in the house, and encourages them to go out and spend it immediately. This is helpful because small merchants in the local economy receive a swift benefit, and also Back Door Santa can "be alone" with the girl he's come to give the present to.

Which leads me to believe that Back Door Santa may not bring a material present, but rather a gift that entails some kind of personal service. This gift is so important that he can only give it to her when they are in an uninterrupted, private environment. Maybe Back Door Santa is giving these girls helpful advice about their career options. He could be tutoring them, perhaps, or preparing them for a job interview or a standardized entrance exam.

I also like how he "leave(s) the back door open so if anybody smells a mouse." That's a great idea, because closed doors often keep pest exterminators from performing their tasks. It's thoughtful. I mean, granted, it's a little unusual for Back Door Santa to be planning ahead for that contingency, but if he considers it an important thing that needs to be included in his service of these women, well, he knows his business better than I do.

Maybe someday I could be a Back Door Santa. It sounds fun! I'm gonna go talk to my career counselor right now -- he should be driving by in his Chevy Impala any minute.

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