Song Of The Day 12/27/2013: Echo Lake - "Last Song Of the Year"

The last four Songs Of The Day for 2013 are going to be pre-empted by the Top 30 Songs Of The Day Of 2013 Countdown (or as we say in the business, the T30SOTD13 -- we're especially popular with retirees from Texas Instruments), so today's song from British sweep-popsters Echo Lake wraps up the year.

Oh, crap... forgot. Supposed to do personal inventory. You've been following this blog faithfully through its soaring ups and heavily redacted downs for the last God knows how long, I guess I better try and sum it up from a personal point of view. That's one of my New Year's Resolutions: "4. Try to look more human and less cobbled together from the ashes of a failed Aaron Spelling pilot and used pipe cleaners."

We're fine. No, wait! I'm fine. ("7. Cool it with the 'royal we' bullshit, nobody's buying that mere-link-in-an-organic-chain crap anymore.") Got through most of the year. Did more writing than ever before. Got some of it published. Family seems content with progress, or at least not openly confrontational about it. Got to live one more year in Seattle, breathed in the salt sea air of progress, and mixed it up with the stuck-in-shoe thistles of socioeconomic desperation. Perfected red sauce recipe. Led the Seahawks to a playoff berth and home field advantage. That about sums it up.

2014 looks like it's going to be a year of big changes, although 2013 did also, before declining into a patchwork of test runs, frustrating suspensions, incomplete inquiries, visitations of questionable origin that wound up producing nothing, fierce doubts, leafy hopes and football-related hooliganism. All 43 of my tarot readings in the last 36 hours insist that satisfactory change will call upon me really soon, except for the one that said I could expect physical and figurative emasculation in February, so we're near consensus that everything'll be great. Don't wuss out, universe. I have kids.

And exactly one year from today, we'll be celebrating the 1000th Song Of The Day. Floats, people. I need floats. Happy New Year.

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