Song Of The Day 12/4/2013: The Motors - "Freeze"

It's freezing. It's frickin' freezing up here. It's not supposed to be this frickin' freezing yet. This is Seattle. We need 20 days notice before it gets this frickin' freezing. We're entitled to that. If it gets too frickin' freezing without enough advance warning then we frickin' panic because of the frickin' black ice on the roads. Or not even real black ice, but the mythological black ice that we panic about the very second the Fahrenheit goes below 40. And then the sleeping giant that is that black ice starts permeating our fear centers, raising our hackles, making us fear that if we get in our cars we're going to cartwheel across the thoroughfares, pinballing against the medians, finally sliding to an end replete with dents and screams, dying penniless and alone without ever having known true love. And that's just when it's frickin' freezing. Imagine what happens when it frickin' snows. I don't even want to think about what happens when it frickin' snows.

Yeah, I'm totally ready to move to the Northeast.*

*I am not currently planning on moving to the Northeast.
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