Song Of The Day 12/6/2013: The Carpettes - "Frustration Paradise"

I'm working on getting Mixtape #3 up before the self-inflicted craziness the holidays always brings to this blog, in the form of rankings, end-of-the-year essays and other scams to establish my tenancy in the Music Writer Pantheon. The new mixtape comes directly from my reading the second chapter of Simon Reynolds' book about postpunk, Rip It Up And Start Again. It's another one of those books I've owned forever and never actually sat down to read until now, when I need to feel like I spent my money wisely. Our entertainment budget is a little on the thin side. I'm writing this right now by a fire in an empty oil barrel over which I'm making s'mores with saltines and anchovy paste.

Anyway, Mixtape #3 will feature the fruits of my research on some lesser-known instigators of the British postpunk thing between 1979 and 1985. The songs and many of the artists on Mixtape #3 were unknown to me before Thursday night, so we can have that exciting sensation of mutual discovery. In some states you need a license for that. Here's a song from The Carpettes, who will be on the mixtape, but with a different song. They don't look much like postpunk musicians, do they? I'm getting kind of an Eli Young Band vibe from the album cover. Ah well, enjoy, and stay tuned.

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