Random, Unsorted Things I Wrote In the Notebook Containing My Notes About New Album Releases

  • "Enough with the questions."
  • "The economy is admirable I guess."
  • "More syllables."
  • "I pray this has something to do with Microsoft."
  • "You can just make out some whooping in the headphones."
  • "Sexual politics. Dude's a pansy."
  • "5:00 - Some ethereal synth pads show up."
  • "How did this become so flipping popular?"
  • "Mock heroic. He sounds drunk."
  • "Is there -- no, don't go there."
  • "Did these guys study Wittgenstein?"
  • "Finally, decipherable words."
  • "Def CSNY. Or Five Man Electrical Band."
  • "Very Mrs. Robinson-esque. Almost a parody. Also very Last Train To Clarksville."
  • "It's all about calisthenics at this point."
  • "The band that swallowed itself."
  • "Strangest song so far. Essentially meaningless. So it's probably about masturbation."
  • "Starting to sense their own mortality. Maybe that's why they get so much blowback."
  • "Israelites, 19th Nervous Breakdown. UNHOLY <--------> HOLY"
  • "Lesbian!"
  • "This is where he tries transcendence. Through pot."
  • "Odd fucking group. One of them dies."
  • "This is no place for a saxophone." 
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