Song Of The Day 1/1/2014: Todd Rundgren - "International Feel" + "Le Feel Internacìonále"

Hello. Welcome to another full calendar year of Song Of The Day. This should be the high-water year for this feature, after the promising debut year and the identity-finding second year. Now it's the third year, and this is when I should really be making some hardcore artistic statements with Song Of The Year. The ante's gone up, in other words. Themes have been researched. Selections have been vetted. Spreadsheets have been formatted. Manila folders have been ordered. I'm talking with consultants about how to make the set more appealing to stay-at-home moms during the daytime, and I'm also talking with the agency responsible for the Jack In The Box commercials to find out how I can reach out to the stoner demographic. The rebuilding year is over, and now we are serious, first-rank contenders for the Westminster Dog Show. This is the year. Get ready for some ass-kicking date-oriented music programming.

Then, of course, we'll start the slow decline, the sex scandals and the lawsuits, so grab onto my lapels while you can. Happy New Year. Please drive forward.

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