Song Of The Day 1/14/2014: Ducks Deluxe - "Fireball"

British Pub Rock Week: Ducks Deluxe was another pub rock band with their fingers in a whole lot of sundaes. Sean Tyla was the lead singer, who went on to form the Tyla Gang, who made one of the strangest straight-ahead rock singles on the Stiff label, and that's saying something: "Styrofoam." Other members went on to play in Graham Parker's backup band, The Rumour, whom we mentioned in yesterday's entry. Later versions of Ducks Deluxe included Brinsley Schwarz, who was in Brinsley Schwarz, who were yesterday's entry. This is all starting to feel like an online high school reunion site. Somehow, hiring an '80s cover band for the entertainment seems like it will miss the whole point. Anyway, Ducks Deluxe played their last show ever just this past December, citing other commitments. Their final show was a Christmas lunch gig. "Fireball," which takes the Velvet Underground's "Sweet Jane" and lets it sit unblended in a Kitchenaid, was one of their singles. I linked to a copy of the vinyl version because I haven't featured a lot of snaps and crackles on this blog lately. Wanted to provide as realistic an experience as I can. In a virtual way. Of sorts. And stuff.

I'd also like to lobby for more general usage of the word "deluxe." Maybe as a verb. Think about it for awhile, don't rush into anything.

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