Song Of The Day 1/17/2014: Eddie & The Hot Rods - "Teenage Depression"

British Pub Rock Week: Eddie & The Hot Rods were the most obvious bridge between pub rock and punk, and probably the hardest rocking of the pub rockers. The Sex Pistols once opened for them and predictably smashed all their equipment. The character of "Eddie" was originally a mannequin they propped up on stage, which they dispensed of once the joke wore thin, which for me would be about three songs. They used to beat Eddie up. MOJO magazine, to which I defer in almost all matters except for home renovation, called them one of the 100 most influential rock artists in British history. Their UK Top 10 hit "Do Anything You Wanna Do" really should have been a hit in America as well; there's really no tangible excuse for it not being one. "Teenage Depression" was their first single, a little rawer than their most popular work. It's better than Ritalin.

That ends British Pub Rock Week. You're free to move about the cabin.

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