Song Of The Day 1/19/2014: Streetband - "Toast"

Before They Were Famous: Hopefully this week's theme is self-explanatory, because I don't want to have to learn technical writing. Streetband had a Top 20 hit in the UK with "Toast," a chirpy novelty number not far removed from the ethos of the Bonzo Dog Band. As I've recently become aware of the new trend of "artisan toast" happening in San Francisco, and possibly New York, I thought I'd do what I can to accelerate the fad. This song uses toast-scraping as a percussive instrument.

But that's not the most interesting aspect of "Toast." That would be the lead singer (or in this case, narrator), who if you are eagle-eyed enough to spot -- um, or if you finish reading this paragraph -- you will recognize as none other than British '80s spongecake Paul Young, best known for his hit singles "Everytime You Go Away," "Come Back and Stay," "Should You Stay Or Should You Go," "Go Away! No, Wait, Stay," "Everytime You Go Away You Eventually Come Back And Stay," "I'm Still Having An Internal Conflict As To Whether You Should Go Away Or, Conversely, Stay," and "Oh Girl."
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