Song Of The Day 1/2/2014: The Upper Crust - "Let Them Eat Rock"

The Upper Crust from Boston have been around nearly 20 years, a laudable lifespan for any band, let alone a costumed one. At first I was going to call them a "novelty band," but that term carries with it the mildest taint of insult, and the Upper Crust are the kind of band that I could never, would never insult. The Upper Crust play hard rock in the the style of Bon-era AC/DC dressed up as French aristocracy from the 1700's, from before the Revolution screwed up everything. Beacons of a simpler time, they are. That's 20 years of powdered wigs, down-the-front ruffles and strategic beauty spots. I admire that commitment to a bit. Perhaps you've heard their hits "We're Finished With Finishing School," "I've Got My Ascot 'n' Dickie," "Once More Into the Breeches" or "Badminton." This is their video for "Let Them Eat Rock," which seems to treat the peasant population a little too fairly. Pish.

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