Song Of The Day 2/10/2014: Erasure - "Solsbury Hill"

Quarterly Covers Report: Ah, the cinematic universality of Peter Gabriel's "Solsbury Hill," a song so frequently used in upbeat movie trailers that it was used in the "happy" parody trailer for The Shining. Are you a vexed magazine editor bolting New York City for a stately New England fishing village with a quirky chief of police and a wizened shopkeeper who'll make you realize that life is more than just an accumulation of capital and casually catalogued acquaintances? Bet you'll be hearing "Solsbury Hill" right about the moment you cross Stamford city limits.

Well, okay. It's a sweet little song from Gabriel's most fun solo album, about leaving a progressive rock band that compelled you to dress up as an inflorescence. Except for Pink Floyd's "Money," it's probably the most famous pop song composed in the 7/4 time signature. Erasure's surprisingly affecting version smooths out the 7/4 ruffles, pulses along in an agreeable electro-clip, and replaces Gabriel's sunflower outlet with Andy Bell's fetching bare-shouldered... is that a corset? Would you call that a corset? Please advise.

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