Song Of The Day 2/14/2014: Eläkeläiset - "Olkoon Humppa" ("Let There Be Humppa")

Quarterly Covers Report: Last couple of days or so folks have been posting this video of Bruce Springsteen playing a show in Perth, Western Australia, the home of AC/DC's greater lead singer Bon Scott. In a complete surprise, the Boss (no doubt emboldened by his current sideman Tom Morello and his hard rock proficiencies) opens his show with a cover of "Highway To Hell," to the delight of many Western Aussies and AC/DC fans across the interglobe. At the time of "Highway To Hell's" original release, Springsteen and AC/DC resided on complete opposite ends of the true rock and roll limbo pole, so to hear the Boss do such a genuine tribute to a style of music he could never have been confused with was endearing and surprisingly satisfying.

So in complete disservice to all parties involved in the preservation of the AC/DC legend, here's a cover of "Let There Be Rock" by Eläkeläiset, the overwhelmingly middlingly successful Finnish band who play their in their native style, humppa. It's a genre related to the foxtrot, which will never be cool unless we're talking about certain Wilco albums. Tubas are usually involved. This sort of sounds like a norteño band that's about to be given deliberately misleading directions to Canada to protect the greater good.

Oh, and happy Valentine's Day.

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