Song Of The Day 2/3/2014: Sir Mix-A-Lot - "Posse On Broadway"

I would like to apologize. Today was supposed to be the start of Career Fair Week. However, I was a little sidetracked on Sunday by an event of sports that netted some light regional interest up here in Seattle. I'm pleased to report, the end result fell in favor of the Pacific Northwest. As I understand it the match was not nearly as close as it was expected to be, and the principals involved on the Seattle side gave a performance that was one of the most renown and dominant in the history of the contest. Many people took to the streets of downtown Seattle to express thanks, congratulate each other on the success of their mission (although for the most part they remained approximately 3,000 miles west of the site of the contest), and relieve themselves of some outdated furniture via burning. It's a sporting time to be in the Emerald City. Most charming.

Unfortunately, my diverted attention resulted in my not really getting anything ready for Career Fair, so for those of you hoping to use this blog to help your personal vocational assessment, I express my deepest regrets and hope to resume this feature in two weeks.

Here is a composition from a Seattle artist who, if his name is reliable, enjoys blending things.


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