Song Of The Day 3/3/2014: Domenic Troiano Band - "We All Need Love"

Errant Disco Decisions: You don't see it happen much nowadays, but back in the late '70s all musical artists were under tremendous pressure to record at least one disco song. Whether or not they were disco artists. Whether or not they had any tolerance or patience for disco. There was also, thanks to Walter Murphy's "A Fifth Of Beethoven," a drive to recall popular songs of the past and reinterpret them in new, disco trappings. This may shock you, but not all these decisions turned out to be good ones. Then disco died an ugly, inconsiderate death, and all people were free once more, until Daft Punk released "Get Lucky" in 2013. This week I'll be highlighting six disco songs that were made to revive flagging careers or give older songs that new, clean, formaldehyde disco smell.

The first one's not that bad, at least in the limited scope of disco-pop knock-offs. It's guitarist Domenic Troiano and his band. Troiano was born in Italy and reared in Canada. where he became one of that country's floating session guitar heroes. Troiano played with The Guess Who, The James Gang, and Bush (not the Gavin Rossdale Bush -- they had a brief legal tussle over the name in fact). He also formed an intriguing reggae-derived band called Black Market.

But his biggest Canadian hit was "We All Need Love," under the Domenic Troiano Band moniker. Unfortunately you have to go off this blog and onto YouTube to see it even though it's not for sale in America. Universal Music Canada is just as important as we are. And don't you forget it.

That's not Domenic singing; he's on guitar. This singer is named Roy Kenner. This isn't a terrible track at all, perfectly acceptable for the times. We're going to start out easy. It gets more difficult.

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