Song Of The Day 3/8/2014: Rosebud - "Have A Cigar"

Errant Disco Decisions: Our final presentation this week is from an album called Discoballs: A Tribute to Pink Floyd. (Why do I feel that half of my Songs Of The Day somehow link back to Pink Floyd?) "Have A Cigar" from Wish You Were Here marked the unofficial beginning of Roger Waters' Professional Dissatisfaction era, in which he groused about how being a rock star isn't all it's cracked up to be. So much paperwork, you know? All Roger wanted to do was rock, man. He didn't want to have to keep the receipts. Stop getting in his way with your expectations and your traumatic British school system. Fly high, Roger. You're a unique snowflake.

Rosebud was the nom de plume of composer Gabriel Yared, who went on to great fame and success writing music for films like The English Patient and The Talented Mr. Ripley. My main beef with their cover of "Have A Cigar" is that it only repeats the first verse over and over, and the song's lyrics were already scant to begin with. I suppose that was how they got out of singing the phrase "Which one's Pink?" out of context. Musically it's not bad. It's got a Talking Heads, Speaking In Tongues vibe to it. It chugs. When was the last time something by Roger Waters chugged? He hated chugging. That's what Side 2 of Animals is about. Or so I heard.

Anyway, Errant Disco Week is officially over. You can come out of the bomb shelters now, we're getting back to more stable entertainment.

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