Song Of The Day 4/1/2014: Roughage - "Ma Su Chu Setts"

They All Scream: Kind of difficult to describe this one. Even harder to find information about Roughage. It was a project of Vancouver musican Zev Asher, yet another musician this week who passed away in the recent past. Asher did a lot of work with sound collages and four-track tape machines. By the time of this recording Roughage had put out a bunch of stuff on cassette, vinyl and for whatever reason, VHS. Yen For Noise came out in 1995, which is when it came to my attention when I was DJ'ing at KAOS Olympia. I played Roughage at least twice on my show. Hit my target demo right in the spleen.

It sounds like Roughage's cover of the Bee Gees' "Massachusetts" (Asher provided the alternate spelling) takes place in a karaoke bar that's been shut down by the Department of Health for letting too many people sing "Love Shack." Production values had the night off. Inhalants did not. 'Tis some captivating screaming if ever there was. Lie back and think of involuntary dentistry.

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