Song Of The Day 4/2/2014: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Art Star"

They All Scream: Actually, I'm a little exhausted from the April Fools Day prank that ran yesterday. For chrissakes I even wrote a follow-up comment. Like The Talking Dead. Self-important much? Well, all that fits in with today's entrant in the week-long scream fest, even though I nearly ruled it out because Karen O's full-on guttural scream at the chorus felt a little too close to the screamo ethic I railed against the day this series launched. But in this song it's ironic. The line about screwing on the tracks at abandoned train stations is good. I like that one. The song's pretty efficient too. In and out in two minutes, just how they do it in New York. God, I need sleep.

Thanks to Andee Lightner for this one.

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