Song Of The Day 5/23/2014: The Matchmakers - "Topless On The Beach"

This 1985 composition from Italo-pizzica collective The Matchmakers is nothing less than a sociological revolution cloaked in populist canto form, a piquant examination of passivity and inchoate concupiscence vis-à-vis a scurrilous yet tempered affectivity that could only be defined as classically Calabrian. From what gilded aviary does this cuckolding yet spirited songbird arrive to us, hasting its winged dispatch with a cloddish, closefisted ostinato? Shall we move as one closer to its emittance, or retreat to our sepia-rimmed biosphere, shackled to the roundabout moralisms of a torpid, vertebrate bygone aeon? The intellectual rhubarb, our sirens are eager to explain, fleeces our temerity as if it were an irascible daemon, whereas naturalism sounds its lithesome cornet and beckons us to aspire to higher arts and somatic consummations, lest we set adrift our basal requirements in the folly of doctrinal obloquy. Let us plunge into this waggishly coltish shanty together, shall we?

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