Song Of The Day 5/25/2014: The Bee Gees vs. AC/DC - "Stayin' In Black" (Wax Audio)

M*A*S*H*U*P Week: You know how in movies, and sometimes in real life, after an event that connotes a sort of devaluation of "the old ways" and ushers in a new period of cynical compromise, someone says, "So... it's come to this"? Yeah, this entire week's gonna be like that. Mashups. They're still around. They're still being made. Though few have the shocking freshness of that Strokes/Christina Aguilera track a few years back, there are still plenty of folks huddled over their workstations trying to weld Percy Faith with Carcass in ways that will expose the irony of both. This entire week is theirs. I felt like social engineering.

Someone who does mashups well with a great consistency is Wax Audio from Sydney, Australia. His real name is Tom. I'm featuring another one of his gems later this week. This coming together of two of Australia's biggest contributions to the cultural discourse (although the Bee Gees weren't born in Australia but moved there, we'll count them anyway) is one of the best mass-consumer-oriented mashups I've heard. It was just a matter of making sure the knobs and the faders were in the right place, because it's a pretty unassailable combination if it works. I'm sure you'll be willing to forgive whatever party in this song you were inclined to disagree with, if any. You'll probably find my pictures more offensive this week, like this one.

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