Song Of The Day 5/30/2014: Stevie Wonder vs. Metallica - "Sad But Superstitious" (Wax Audio)

M*A*S*H*U*P Week: The most unintentionally polarizing band in America, Metallica, they of the thrash-making and horribly mixed bass, either took over the world or jumped the shark with The Black Album, depending on your point of view and your tolerance for power ballads about unforgiven people. Being the faithful, wussing-out non-partisan, I'm terrified to take a stand on this debate. But I always did like "Sad But True." I liked the drum sound. Sue me.

Stevie Wonder, the greatest musician who ever lived during my lifetime, which admittedly is not over yet, provided a similar dividing line to his listener base, i.e. the entire Western World, with "I Just Called To Say I Love You." That one took some getting used to for those of us who'd worn out copies of Songs In the Key of Life. It was for a movie if that makes you feel any better, although the movie (The Woman In Red) wasn't very good either.

Wax Audio, the same guy who mixed the first SOTD of this theme week, brought them together on this nearly spotless blend of "Sad But True" and "Superstition." Unlike Metallica's dalliances with string sections and Lou Reed, I think the horns add something they could use more of, especially since they emasculated themselves with their haircuts. We won't forget.

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